JAVANESE & BALINESE HEALING TREATMENTS are our signature treatments.

All Bali Yoga & Wellness masseurs have been trained to highest standards by Joko Tri.L.

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This treatment is deeply healing for acute and chronic ailments, injuries and long-term diseases through a renowned Balinese Healer in Seseh.

The client will be picked up by a translator and brought directly to the healer in the morning where the healing will take place in his home and sacred temple ground.

Please allow at least between 2-4 hours for the transport and the healing session. Follow-up sessions depending on the degree and severity of ailment may be needed.


This treatment is deeply healing for acute and chronic ailments and injuries. It relieves pain and facilitates the body’s natural energy flow through removing blockages using key pressure points through acupressure and deep tissue massage relieving the very basis of the problem areas.

“Renewed Energy” – Refreshing Massage 60 min

This classic full body massage concentrates on re-energizing and refreshing the body, using a unique combination of reflexology and acupressure points with aromatherapy to beat fatigue,low energy levels and vitality problems.

“Sheer Bliss” – Relaxing Massage 75 min

This soothing treatment will let you experience complete all around physical wellness, de-stress your mind, loosen muscular tension, release any circulation blocks and harmonize your body. It is a combination of the traditional Balinese, Swedish, Chinese and Hawaiian massage.

“Pure Relief” – Sports Massage 75 min

This unique technique recovers any muscular problem connected to sports activities in clearing lactic acid and releasing stiffness while relaxing the muscles – very beneficial for active people and athletes.

“Divine Balance” – Holistic Healing Treatment 90 min

This therapeutic treatment uses the techniques of Reflexology and Acupressure to stimulate both the blood and energy system focusing upon key pressure points and nerve endings. It addresses health problems both physical and mental, rebalancing the body in a holistic way when we experience serious tensions, deficiencies and fatigue.

Foot & Hand Reflexology 30 min

With Life-force Fresh Reflexology Lotion: Peppermint, Ginger & Lavender

Scalp Treatment 30 min


With Life-force Muscle Repair Massage Oil containing essential oils of Lavender, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Peppermint, Grapefruit

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